What does Dua Lipa drink when she hits the stage? A container of Evian, obviously. As the worldwide envoy for the brand, Lipa has recorded a video for the new Drink True mission. In the intensely hydrated undertaking, she plays out her tune “Suspending” a capella in front of an audience in a pared-back look while taking a drink of as a matter of fact the spring water.

While outfitting to film the business, just as practicing for the Grammys, Lipa strolled Vogue through five of her outfits for the week. During lockdown, her style has changed a piece, and Lipa has wound up giving careful consideration to get dressed. “I invested most of my energy in sweats. I’ve accomplished such a lot of work and promotion from my couch, so I resembled ‘I will attempt to make myself look pleasant,'” she says via telephone. “It was tied in with making an everyday practice, getting up, preparing yourself, and feeling like it is a typical day, as it is not difficult to stall out wearing sweats throughout the day.” Free Credit Don’t deposit don’t share

Wearing warm up pants drove Lipa into evaluating various pieces. “I like exploring different avenues regarding various tones and shapes, and I imagine that is essential for the good times. That has additionally been keeping me idealistic,” she says. For her Grammy’s practice, she settled on a full, mod-style Courrèges look. Further repping her home city of London, Lipa wore a heart-print cardigan by British architect Ashley Williams later in the week during some vacation.

Additionally in the blend was a casual pair of light yellow jeans and tank top from the lady possessed New Zealand name Paris Georgia, which Lipa wore to her Evian business practice. “It is made by ladies for ladies,” she says, adding. “It is laid-back and agreeable, however charming, I actually feel like I’m putting forth an attempt. I feel truly certain about it.” For an easy mind-set promoter, Lipa depends on adding assistants to her look. “I love decorating with gems. I feel that is in every case truly fun, and I love blending bright rings to coordinate with my outfit,” she says. “Regardless of whether you’re wearing something very plain, extras consistently lift your state of mind.” And yet, the embellishment she can’t venture out from home without? Water, obviously. “I have two to four liters every day,” she says. “It resembles my gems, and my water bottle is consistently with me.”

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